Santander Complaint levels are awful, well more than awful Santander complaints are the worst in the Industry. We hope the following Santander Complaints Help information will help you get your issues resolved.

This site is not related in any way to Santander or any of its Global Empire - it is solely for unhappy Santander customers. This Santander Complaints Help information is presented to help you resolve a Santander Complaint. Santander Complaints Help is also available on the Santander web site.

Santander Complaints Help - 4 steps to becoming a Happy Banking Customer

  1. Complain to Santander
  2. This does not work in many cases, so next complain to The Financial Ombudsman Service
  3. More People to Complain to/Things to do
  4. If all this time and effort has still not made you a happy Santander customer, then stop giving them your money and switch to a better bank.

Santander Complaints Help - Step 1 - How to Complain to Santander

Santander Complaints Help is available from Santander via the telephone:

The Official Telephone:
In the UK - 0845 600 6014     
Outside the UK - +44 1908 680123    
They are open 8am till 8pm Mon - Sat and 8am to 6pm Sun

Santander Complaints Help is available from Santander via email:
Email Santander Complaints Help on:

Santander Complaints Help is available from Santander via the post:

Santander UK PLC
PO Box 1125

Santander Complaints Help is available from Santander potentially via their CEO, although it is not an official option they offer! We also suggest that you write to their Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In the UK the CEO is Ana Patricia Botin and she can be reached by the above address. She is the daughter of Santanders HQ/Global Chairman Emilio Botin, so one would hope she is well placed to get things resolved. This email address seems to get to her -

If we ever manage to find a telephone number that you can call her directly on, we will add it as I am sure that she would welcome talking to her customers.

Santander Complaints Help that is available from Santander but, based upon statistics from the Financial Services Authority, 8 weeks after your initial complaint more than half of you will still not have your issue solved. After 8 weeks/2 months/56 days, most of you will be rather annoyed, so what next? You can either give up and just change to another Bank or continue to Step 2.

Santander Complaints Help - Step 2 - Complain to the Financial Ombudsman Service

This is the official independent expert body created for settling complaints between consumers and businesses providing financial services. You will find them helpful and probably quite busy! Have a look at their web site and you can see that you have to wait 8 weeks before you can go to them after lodging your complaint with Santander. Then you need to fill out a four page form and wait for their verdict. A Link to this four page form is here. They will not look at all complaints, they have some types that they do not cover and if yours its outside their area then sadly they will not be able to help. However, if Santander has still not resolved your problems then they are the next step. We hear mixed feedback from people that have used them.

The Financial Ombudsman Service

You can email them here:

Web site:

Write to them:

Financial Ombudsman Services
South Quay Plaza
183 Marsh Wall
E14 9SR

Or call them:
0800 0 234 567    
0300 123 9 123 (free calls from mobiles)

Santander Complaints Help - Step 3 - More People to Complain to/Things to Do

The Advertising Standards Authority
When you first gave these people your money and custom, you almost certainly did so after seeing an advert? Do you think that the advert accurately described the service you received or was it misleading? If you consider it misleading then you can complain to The Advertising Standards Authority. Strangely they can only deal with misleading TV and Radio advertising in the Financial Services area, but as they advertise in both, this should not stop you complaining to The ASA. To make a Complaint to the ASA about misleading advertising go here. If enough people complain then they will have to change their ways.

The Trading Standards Authority
If you believe that the Point of Sale Material and Window Displays in their offices/branch was misleading then you should complain to The Trading Standards Authority. Point of Sale material includes all of the leaflets and paper you were given to convince you to do business with them. If what they said in the Leaflets does not match the service you have received (and if you are reading this - sadly probably not) then you should complain to The Trading Standards Authority. They are regionally based and you need to go here to find the details of your contacts.

Send Them an Invoice
When another Bank messed me around and caused me to waste lots of time sorting out a problem that they created, I sent them an invoice and after a little more hassle they paid it. I charged them just the key items that would be difficult for them to argue about. It gets more complicated if you get into financial losses etc. But a simple invoice will provoke a response and it may get paid. Charge them:

  • Mileage at £0.40 per mile (an accepted rate) for any traveling to Branches etc.
  • Parking Fee's.
  • Hours wasted. Work out what you earn per hour as the hourly rate x the wasted hours.
  • Telephone calls. Again they are itemised on your bill so difficult for them to argue about.
  • Other costs that you can easily prove such as receipts for postage, faxes, copying, printing etc.

Direct Action
This is not for everyone, but it is a way of venting your anger and in some cases will have miraculous results! I first took this approach about 15 years ago and it worked wonders as no Company likes to be embarrassed or have a very unhappy customer talking to its existing or even worse - potential customers! I had bought a secondhand vehicle from a large UK dealer and after just a couple of days the radiator started leaking and their warranty suddenly did not cover it!. In my mind a it did and the paperwork supported my view, but I did not have time to spend weeks chasing this as I needed a working vehicle immediately and thought that they should fix it ASAP. Accordingly I took direct action. I turned up outside their largest branch on its busiest day (Saturday) carrying a large placard summarising the hopeless service I had received and proceeded to tell everyone approaching the showroom all about the service they could expect as a customer. The Manager of the Garage was livid, as this was not having a good impact on his business that day - Good! After just 40 minutes he realised that I was not going away and the impact to his business would far outweigh the costs of a radiator, he changed his mind and the car was fixed before lunchtime. If you take this approach remember to be polite and accurate in what you put on your banner. They may ask you to move off their premises, but you can stand on the pavement outside their door all day. Print out some leaflets and ask people entering if they are thinking of becoming a customer and let them know your experience. You can expect a Manager to appear quite quickly and this will often resolve your issue miraculously quickly! Apart from anything else it is quite therapeutic to tells lots of other people about the terrible service that you have received and maybe save some of them from the same stress.

Santander Complaints Help - Step 4 -

If none of the above has worked and by now you are probably more than a little annoyed, what else can you do?

You could engage a Solicitor to try and get you compensation. This will be more hassle and probably quite expensive to go up against the might of a global giant. If enough people join our forum we might be able to all get together and fight them as one group. That will depend upon how many people join our forum.

If you believe that you have been miss sold, then a growing number of firms are appearing to help you get compensation, normally on a no win, no fee basis.

By now most people will have just had enough of the hassle and look to change to a better Financial Services provider. Who you choose is a personal decision, but you will either choose someone who has a branch local to you or one that offers excellent customer service.

If you have had enough of giving your money to Santander then see our Santander Close Account page.

If you want to research the bank or Financial Services company with the lowest number of complaints then visit our Santander Complaints research page.

And finally if you have found any of this site useful and would like to thank us for creating it. My wife is doing a sponsored walk for Breast Cancer on the 11th June 2011 and you could give a small donation

And finally finally - the best of luck with your banking problems - as a Santander customer you are not alone!

End - Santander Complaints Help.