SANTANDER Close Account

If you have had enough of Santander and its less than perfect service, then who do you move your business to? Changing Banks used to be a knightmare as the Banks seemingly made it as difficult as possible to move - I wonder why?

Santander Close Account - it it easy to move away from Santander
The Banks that offer the very best service now make it really easy to switch Banks and some even pay you move to them and offer you a guarantee that the move will be perfect. Yes as someone used to Santanders approach to customer service - this will come as a refreshing shock!

Santander Close Account - how to chose another Bank
So who do you choose? Who you choose is a personal decision, but you will either choose a Bank that has a branch local to you or one that offers excellent customer service.

Santander Close Account -Which Bank seems to offer the best customer service
Telephone Banking. If you want to do most of your Banking over the telephone then numerous surveys puts HSBC's First Direct as the best Bank to deal with. First Direct are here

Internet Online Banking. The Co-operative Bank runs an online bank called Smile and this bank regularly is voted as the best customer service for an online bank.

Branch Banking. The Co-operative Bank has been voted as providing the bext service for Branch Banking services.

If you want to research the bank or Financial Services company with the lowest number of complaints then visit our Santander Complaints research page.

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And finally finally - the best of luck with your banking problems - as a Santander customer you are not alone!

End - Santander Close Account.