Santander Complaints levels are awful, well more than awful they are the worst in the Industry. As a Santander customer you are probably sadly aware of how bad their service is.
In the latest published data over 200,000 new Santander Complaints have been recorded just in the UK in only 6 months, so you are not alone.

Santander Complaints continues to be the worst Bank into 2011. In May 2011 Moneywise readers voted Santander the worst Bank by a huge margin. Santander received three times as many votes for being the worst as the next worst bank!

Santander Complaint levels had The Consumer body WHICH?, naming Santander the worst bank in terms of customer satisfaction, whilst Money Mail  went further accusing Santander of palming off customers with shockingly shoddy service and committing rudimentary errors which are robbing savers of vital interest.

The Financial Services Authority (FSA) lists them at the very top of the list with the highest number of complaints. In the latest published data it shows they had 216,158 new complaints just in the UK, 54% of Complaints are still open and unresolved after 8 weeks!
Of the 469,435! complaints that it did manage to close in the same time frame it deemed that just 19% of these complaints were upheld in the customers favour.

JD Power's annual survey for a Banks customer satisfaction put Santander at the bottom of the list. They or their previous incarnations (Abbey ect.) have been at the bottom of customer satisfaction in 2007, 2008 and 2009.

Just before Christmas 2010 Santander made the headlines for something other than providing the worst customer service when they sent out 35,000 bank statements to the wrong people.

Santanders new UK CEO has stated that improving customer services was one of her main priorities. It might have been hoped that it would be the top priority, but apparently not.

Clearly Santanders Complaints process and its customer services are not providing an acceptable service.

This site has been created to help Santander customers get a better deal. As hundreds of thousands of its customers are complaining each year, they should be able to share their experiences of what works best to get an issue resolved or if Santander will not fix it, how best to get it solved.

Our Santander Complaints Help page is a growing list of what to do and as we have been asked to add a Santander Complaints Forum where all unhappy customers can gather and share experiences and views. If you have had enough of giving your money to Santander then see our Santander Close Account page.

This site is not related in any way to Santander or any of its Global Empire - it is solely for unhappy Santander customers.